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Florence Makes Top 10 Again in 2010

We are #2 this year! This was announced at the annual Christmas party.

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Florence - One of True West Magazine's Top Ten [2009] - #4

The Town of Florence is pleased to announce that Florence has been named one of the West’s ten true western towns by True West Magazine for 2009. This designation will appear in the Jan/Feb 2009 edition of True West magazine with a write-up about the attributes that contributed to its choice as number four in the list of ten.

The association with True West Magazine began with efforts to promote the Florence Junior Parada Parade this year. With the town supplying resources and partnering with the Pinal County Mounted Posse, Pinal County Historical Society, museum staff managed publicity and promotion for the event. After contacting True West, the magazine did list the Parada in its calendar of events and seemed interested in learning more about Florence.

Magazine staff encouraged application for the Ten True Western Towns designations as a way of getting Florence into the database of towns and information with the opportunity to provide updates for future reference. Many entities of the town including the Main Street Program, Chamber of Commerce, McFarland State Park, the Pinal County Mounted Posse, the Pinal County Visitors Center, and Town of Florence staff then submitted data to add to the application prepared by and submitted through the museum. Those involved held a small hope that the town would actually be chosen but held an expectation for a chance in the future.

 Florence’s importance to Arizona and western history and the town’s dedicated preservation efforts must have caught the selection committee’s attention and news of the 4th place designation was received recently.  Upon given an opportunity to purchase ad space alongside the upcoming Ten True Western Towns article, the Town of Florence, the Industrial Development Authority and the Pinal County Historical Society partnered to finance an advertisement for the town designed by the museum.

 The 76th Annual Florence Junior Parada was a success this year in terms of attendance and parade and vendor participation. But an unexpected dividend was this exciting True West Magazine national exposure. Just as ‘fair Florence’ fascinated and won the heart of the ‘father of Arizona’ Charles Poston, back in the 1870’s, apparently Florence can still stir the hearts and minds of those who discover her now

True West Magazine's Article for 2009